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Handsfree Dash Mount for your smartphone.

Goin’ mobile? Then you need Mobio Go. The smartest way to use your phone in the car. Simply attach your mobile device to the Mobio Go magnetic mount, and click, it’s right where you want it. Mobio Go is your handsfree, completely adjustable car mount for safer driving. With almost infinite adjustment possibilities, your device will always be in the perfect position for you to read a map, select a number to call, play music, talk handsfree, whatever. We designed Mobio Go because existing solutions were large, clunky, plastic contraptions that stuck to your windshield, filled your cup holder or attached to air vents. The smarter solution? Mobio Go. Precision-made, ergonomic, easy, convenient and aesthetically pleasing to your car’s interior.


Rugged chrome-plated steel and aluminum, Firmly grips with a powerful magnet, Compact base is discreet on the dashboard, Compatible with all cell phones and cases, Attaches with removable double-sided tape (included), Swivels for vertical or horizontal use,
Dimensions1” diam., 1”h Weight 2.5 oz