mobio_logo AXIS


Use your iPad® in style…and function. Features a 360-degree rotating design, with completely adjustable strap. Perfect for presenting, traveling, sharing, photo shooting. Compatible with the iPad, iPad Mini™ and new iPad Air™. Ultimate good looks, function and fashion. Take this baby for a spin. The buckle is ultra comfortable on your skin for hours. The fit is fully adjustable for any size hand. But you may not want to hand it over. Everyone you know, everyone in your family who has an iPad will want their own. A matching, durable smart cover is included and magnetically aligns seamlessly to your iPad, so it becomes one with your device, with you, with your fast-paced world. Spin your world on its AXIS.

Other benefits to AXIS:

AXIS fully integrates into your lifestyle. It comes with a magnetic sleep/wake sensor and automatically wakes your iPad when you open it. It folds into a convenient stand for reading, watching and typing. It provides full device protection to prevent scratches and damage.