About Our Company


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We love our customers

Trading as Tradingwise Ltd we are recognized for our specialist skills in the sourcing, supply and distribution of a wide range of products,  services and components.

The Tradingwise Ltd team comprises of product specialists and also boasts extensive professional experience in two major markets:

1. Mobile accessories and product distribution market.
2. Water Filtration.

Why Choose Us?

  • We speak human.
  • We’re experienced professionals.
  • We care about your business.
  • We get to know our customers.
  • We are committed to quality.

Above and Beyond our Competitors

We go above and beyond our competitors because our goal is not merely to put a system or a product into the hands of customers; no system works in all market scenarios.

Our goal is to provide customers a wide variety of proven tools, products, systems, and more importantly the wisdom to know which ones to use when market conditions change.